Welcome to my world

Hello, and welcome to my second, revamped blog.

I decided to change sites to make the page look smarter, and hopefully this time around I’ll rack up the views and earn on online reputation…

My name is Alastair Pusinelli and I am trying to break into the world of journalism. I became a qualified journo at the end of 2013 after three months down in Brighton on the South East coast of England.

Since then I have had plenty of work experience at some great places in the industry and earned a small amount of dollar, but I am still searching for that first lucrative full-time job in the journosphere.

At school I’d always relied on being a naturally smart kid from an early age, and as time went on I began to coast through and never really cared for what I was studying. So in my final year I had no idea as to what to go on to study at university and so, I decided to take the early plunge into the working world, via the Journalism Diploma in Brighton.

My biggest passion in life is sport. It doesn’t matter what it is, I’ll play it. I’ve never been the most talented but I’ve always been able to talk a good game. So I thought if I can’t play sport for a living, I may as well immerse myself in it.

I hope to go on to write for a sports website or magazine, with the desire to appear on radio and TV. My other huge goal is to be able to travel, whether it be covering world cups or experiencing the growth of certain sports around the globe.

You will hear about my ‘journalism journey’ in my blog posts, as well as the odd story I have written along the way.

Please take the time to cast an eye on my work, and any feedback you have will be taken on board.

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